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Accommodations Available for

High Stakes Testing

Students with ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, High Functioning Autism, Dysgraphia, Test Anxiety, and other issues can qualify for test accommodations at school, college, university and on high stakes testing such as the College Boards, ACT, and others.

Do you run out of time for schoolwork and tests?


Do you have trouble getting your words down on paper?  Do you get low test scores even when you know the material you are tested on? Are you distracted when testing, and scores do not show what you know?  Do you get nervous and have your mind “blank out” when taking tests?

You might have a qualifying condition that would permit accommodations for exams in school and for “high stakes” testing such as College Board, ACT, etc.

Students with needs may be allowed additional time, extra breaks, a quieter setting, a scribe, larger print, and assistive technology, depending on their needs.

If you have a qualifying condition, accommodations testing may be the answer to underachieving.

“We specialize in helping students achieve their potential by working tirelessly to secure accommodations to level the playing field so that students can show what they are capable of despite their challenges.”


Accommodation Testing


Attention Deficit


Learning Disability


Math Disability


High Functioning

Test Anxiety


Click the tabs to right to learn more about the various testing and classroom accommodations that may be available to you or your student.

ADD / ADHD – Attention Deficit

Do you find your mind drifting off when you read?  Do you have to move around to stay focused?  Do small outside noises bother you, that others do not seem to notice? Do you often ask people to repeat themselves because you were not able to attend to them? Do you struggle to sit still through classes and even movies?  You may qualify for accommodations which can improve your score!

SLD – Learning Disability

Are your reading skills lower than your other abilities? Do find yourself having difficulty “comprehending” what you just read? Do you have trouble getting your ideas down on paper? Do you read the words but have trouble summarizing? Do you have to read, and re-read materials for school over and over again?  If so, you may qualify for accommodations which can improve your score!

NLD – Math Disability

Are your math skills lower than your other abilities? Did you find memorizing math facts to be extremely hard compared to others? Do you have trouble with multiple step math problems, making simple/careless errors? Do you find it extremely difficult to “connect the dots” and making sense of complex math equations? If so, you may qualify for accommodations which can improve your score!

Autism – High Functioning

Have you been diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s Disorder?  Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder may have problems with attention, distractibility, written expression, reading comprehension, and perfectionism.  If so, you may qualify for accommodations which can improve your score!

Testing Anxiety – Common Form

Does your mind “go blank” during tests even when you know the material?  Do you find your heart racing when you know you have an exam? Does your anxiety make it hard for you to study for exams?  Do you “lose time” during an exam because you were “frozen” with anxiety? Are your reading skills lower than your other abilities? Do you have trouble getting your ideas down on paper? Do you read the words but have trouble summarizing? If so, you may qualify for accommodations which can improve your score!

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Why do you need a Testing Accommodation?

Accommodations can help you achieve.

If a student qualifies for an accommodation they may be allowed extra time to complete an exam, special seating that allows for lip reading, and even snack and medication breaks.  

Increase Your Job Opportunities

Accommodation privledges that extend to classroom settings as well often translate to higher GPA’s which can lead better job opportunities.

Different ways of learning

Every student has a different way of learning, students that have special accommodations have an even more.  Our program will help you identify them. 

Become a Better Learner

Once student’s best method of learning is identfied during the course of the interview, we help them understand to become better learners.

Higher grades mean better opportunities

Competiton for placement in advanced degree programs is fierce.  With the proper testing accommodations LSAT and MCAT scores can be increased further your chances of success.

Learn how to express yourself

Much of the battle facing students today is comes in the form of limited self-advocacy.  If a student doesn’t know what to say to get an accommodation, they won’t.  We help you to be your best advocate.


Our Process

Step – 1

Intro Quiz and Application

Click the link below and take our quick self identifying quiz.  Based on your answers we’ll send you more indepth information and provide you with relavancy score that will tell you how likely you are to qualify for an accommodation.  It’s quick and easy.

Step – 2

Face-to-Face Interview and Testing

Once you’ve completed the self identifying quiz and received your relevancy score, we’ll contact you to arrange a personal interview and if appropriate, schedule the Face-to-Face interview and testing that will be the basis our Accomodation Report.


Why Use Us?


Established for Over 20 Years

We have the experience to navigate any case.


1,000's of Students helped

We’ve helped students succeed with an over 95% test accommodation success rate.


THREE Southern California Locations to serve you

Offices in West Los Angeles, Tarzana, and Irvine.


Our staff practices as expert witnesses

Our experience makes us the go-to firm for expert testimony.

Students Helped

Tests Passed

Psychologists and Staff

Percentage of Success


What Our Students Say

While my autism isn’t severe, it was enough to prevent me from completing my ACT’s and crushing my hopes of college.  After I was granted testing accommodations I was able to take the tests in a semi-isolated space that prevented me from experiencing what I call “my system overload”.  Because of Dr. Simun, I’m on my way to college with hopes and dreams intact.   

Jane Doe

College Student

High school was so difficult for me.  Even though I was diagnosed with ADD , I had no idea that Testing Accommodations were even a thing. I’m so glad I found Dr. Simun and her staff.  Because of their work,  I was able to qualify and get more time to finish my exams which resulted in a 22% increase in my score and acceptance letter from one or my “reach schools”.  Thanks Dr. Simun!

Arnold Yin

College Student


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